Who are the players in Singapore TV Industry?

If you are interested to connect TV players in Singapore, actually, there isn’t many.

1) Singtel: Telecommunication company, they have paid TV.
2) Starhub: Telecommunication company, they have paid TV.
3) SPH: Actually SPH don’t have TV, but they are the most competitive media company to Mediacorp, they own more publications like newspaper, ex. The Straits Times, or wider industry range, even to elderly care.

4) Mediacorp: 
Free TV, a state-owned company operates privately, basically they don’t have a direct competitor in Singapore, so you could say they are the only player and the biggest. They don’t have so much event to the public, it was interesting that they offered TV advertising discount every April, afterward, they don’t really do discount, which they consider the offer in April is the best you can get. The minimum TV advertising period is 6 months, each month you will choose a week to display your advertising continuously, not showing your advertising in the whole month.

Mediacorp co-organized event with DBS, and DBS help Mediacorp to send the event information, once you register the event, Mediacorp will call you many times until you confirm to attend the event. Once you get your pass in the event, there will be an account manager assigned to you during the whole event. There was no boring speech, after a short introduction from the host, there was around 15-minute video showing all the information you need to know, then your account manager will discuss your interest and the details pricing plan.

They have different channels, but the audience mostly targeting in Singapore:
- CAN = Channel News Asia, English speaking, only news, the advertising price is the most expensive, and they will select good quality advertising only.
- 5: English speaking, all types of TV program
- 8: Mandarin Chinese speaking, all types of TV program
- U: foreign drama, ex. Taiwan, Korea, China..etc
- Suria: Malay speaking
Vasantham: India market
- Toggle: Online free TV, allowing you to have advertising in the front, middle, and end of the video.

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