B Capital Group’s event in Silicon Valley

Date: 2019/4/2, 5:30 – 8:00 PM
Location: BCG Silicon Valley, 444 Castro St, Suite 150, Mountain View, CA 94041
One of the good things to be in San Francisco is you could meet the Investment firm in person, learning the knowledge from the great people.
We were in San Francisco for a few days, once we saw a B Capital Group member’s post about this event, we registered immediately. It was my fresh experience to join an investor’s event in San Francisco. It seems easier to meet investment firm or the people on the news in person while you are here.

This event was held by B Capital Group, as BCG Silicon Valley just opened its new office. I mistake B Capital Group is Eduardo Saverin’s company, it seems B Capital Group is a subsidiary of Boston Consulting Group, most of the people on B Capital Group website are from BCG.

The event starts with networking, you could talk with different people if you are not too shy. Most of the people I met there, they are from startup or investment industry, this is the most interesting part of this event - meet the like-mind people. There was B Capital Group’s colleague there as well, I assume 5-10 people. They were asking how do you hear about this event?

The event’s title is Fireside Chat with Adam Nash, meaning it was really casual talk, you would feel like watching two people talking by the fireside. The moderator is Karen Appleton Page, the Partner in B Capital Group. The speaker is Adam Nash, VP of Product in Dropbox. Karen asked Adam many questions from her prepared note or just casual from the talk of Adam. I sense Adam is a very fast thinker, he talks fast as well. Because I’m not from product background, most of the time, I’m trying to learn the new idea come out from Adam, the most impressive one is when he talks about OpenDoor, how they integrate real life with their product.

From my understanding, it was their time holding the event, I feel so lucky to attend, hope I could join the next one. I’ve also learned some ideas about how do they select the project, ex. they invest Series B+ and they really care about the people, the management team of the company. Of course, it is a little difficult to understand the whole in the first talk, it takes time to build a relationship, especially so many people want to talk to them every day.

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