Santa Monica New Tech Meetup

That was my first time to join a Meetup in the USA. Santa Monica New Tech Meetup is a long history meetup, they meet every Sunday in a coffee shop for 8 years, that was not easy to maintain this habit, someone joking they give up going to the church for this meetup. I was a little surprised at how casual this event was.

The meetup including:
- Introduction
- Networking

The session I’ve joined is really making a new friend with each other. Everyone sitting in the long table, they introduce themselves one by one, you could say:
- what you are doing? Ex. What is your main function?
- what is your company doing?
- What you are looking for? Ex. You are looking for engineer, startup, investor..etc

Of course, you will forget what each person is talking about after the whole group introduction. But if you could catch the point from someone you are interested, you would know who you shall talk to. That is the reason I set up a new meetup in Singapore, Singapore Startup Beach Meetup, I believe it will be a great opportunity to make friend with like-mind people by the beach talk.

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