Price Fluctuation in Arizona Selected Property

If you want to buy a house in the USA, where will be good for your family or an investment? I would say Arizona, the price is still not too crazy like California and you could still afford to buy a big house at a reasonable price.

Property Types
There are 4 types of property you could purchase in the USA:
1) Apartment: no need to pay Homeowners’ Association (HOA) fee
2) Condo: need to pay HOA fee
3) House: individual house with different design
4) Townhomes/Townhouse: similar to House, but the houses look similar and connected

Price Fluctuation
The price could be drop down to 65% if you buy in the right time. For example, a 924 sqft townhouse in Scottsdale, sold 156,000 USD in 2011, you could buy it in 54,000 USD at a good time.

If you are looking for a rental, because of the 40-42°C in summer, Arizona has special pricing:
1) Low season: May to November
2) High season: December to April, the price could be double as low season

Area Selection
For Phoenix, the wealthy communities are in
1) Scottsdale: the closer to the Scottsdale old town, the higher the price
2) Fountain Hill: for retirement life
3) Golf Course: ex. Phoenician Golf Club
4) Camelback Mountain: the closer, the higher price

The Business area
1) Scottsdale: East Camelback Road, all business happening here more than Phoenix

The emerging new area, the price is cheaper
1) Chandler
2) Gilbert

The dangerous area might be
1) Laveen Village
2) If you sense the community has more steel window

Credit Score

The USA has a sophisticated credit system for the person, unlike Asia.

If you are the USA Citizen would like to view an occupied home, you would need to apply to view the house 48 hours ahead with 700+ credit score, graded by major credit reporting agencies, ex. TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Poor credit scores are generally any score below 620.

Excellent: 720+
Good: 660-719
Average: 620-659
Poor: 580-619
Bad: 579-

If you are not the USA citizen, you would need to provide credit/financial strength/worthiness, so proof of mortgage payments (if you are a homeowner) or credit card payments are an example of borrowing record. Banking information is helpful as well.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with us.