How was using Facebook Job Postings to find candidates?

Recently, I got a chance to hire candidates by Facebook Page Job Postings. I would like to share some experiences with you.

For the employer
  • Free to post a job
  • Check the candidate's family status if meet your salary budget?
  • Understand if the applicant is responsive or not?
  • Understand how do they interact with people?
  • How do they show their personality?
  • Writing in typo or abbreviation?
  • Easy to make an appointment with the candidate
  • Setup the questions in the posting, but I prefer to ask question later to see the attitude
  • Although you can label the candidate, you can't separate the candidate with your personal label
  • Can't write a comment after the interview in the job management
  • Can't manage the candidate flexible with your own column
  • Can't send an automated result
  • Can't attach a CV
For the applicant
  • Like the company page
  • Answer the question straight forward
  • Be Honest if you don't know
  • Thank you message after the interview
  • Send a clean and organized CV in PDF
  • Have a Linkedin Profile, Skype Account
  • Apply through the job link: it makes HR easily manage the hiring status
  • Have a Clean background while skyping
  • Have a professional photo on Linkedin or CV
  • Send an audio CV will outstand you, maybe a video CV is even better
  • Send CV in Photo
  • No responsive
  • Give fake salary expectation
  • Go to an interview without checking the company's profile
  • Miss the Skype interview call
  • Say you want to learn: you shall say how you can help the company
  • Apply for a job if you are not interested
  • Ask the salary before the interview
  • Apply for the job if you don't meet the requirements
If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.


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