How to Expand your Chinese Business Network in Singapore?

According to Wikipedia, there are 4 ethnic groups in Singapore:
1) Chinese 74.3%
2) Malay 13.3%
3) Indian 9.1%
4) Others 3.3% ex. Caucasian

In those Chinese, they could be categorized into 5 groups:
1) They arrived Singapore 40 years ago, now their age is 60+
2) Children of (1), now they are 30+
3) They came while they were in elementary school, and family was somehow rich.
4) They are 40+ and they came while they were 20+, SG was under development and they get PR easily.
5) They came after 2010, while Singapore is getting mature and popular.

Although being part of the association can't guarantee your sales, it is the fastest way to meet different type of people who are doing business. There are many Chinese-speaking business associations in Singapore, and their name is similar if you are a newcomer, which Chinese community you shall choose?

(1) Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI)
- Focus: Chinese Singaporean Enterprise
- For: Chinese out of China
- Members: around 4500
- Location: West of Singapore
- Feature: They have different interest club and their own building, theatre, and function room. There are many different industries association is located there as well.

(2) Singapore China Business Association (SCBA)
- Focus: Enterprise from China in Singapore
- For: Chinese in China
- Members: around 500
- Location: Centre of Singapore
- Feature: They hold many events with the Chinese embassy in Singapore. They have many business visits to China and Chinese company visit to Singapore.

(3) Taipei Business Association In Singapore (TBAS)
- Focus: Taiwanese in Singapore
- For: Taiwanese
- Members: around 200
- Location: West of Singapore
- Feature: The biggest Taiwan community in Singapore, cooperating with Taipei Rep. Office for the event like the Chinese New Year.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.