Fund Raising For Your Business Growth @ SGX

This event was held in SGX, it was my first-time visit, even it is 100 meter to my office and I see it every day. I felt very excited about SGX, it is the place where all SME want to achieve. The stock market number is running around the environment.

This event was divided into 2 parts:
1. Keynote speech: mainly introduce what their company is focusing on.

(1) Mark Lee @ Asia Fund Space (Organizer)
- mainly client: the listed company
- Doing 2 types of investment: mainly focus on Pre-IPO stage, personally possible on VC.
- when introducing your company, sometimes the phrase means nothing to the investor, because it doesn't equal to making the profit. ex. integrated solution provider, one of the largest.., The largest
- now get the loan from UOB is difficult

(2) Ginnie Chin @ Culum Capital
- Doing trade finance ( I was doing purchase, I understand factoring)

(3) Thomas Lam @ 3 Peaks Capital
- Doing corporate finance
- helping the company to be IPO
- A Catalyst listing does not have quantitative requirements compare to Mainboard but needs to appoint a sponsor, who will assess its suitability to list and will advise and guide the company through the listing process and must maintain the sponsor at all times after listing.
2. Panel discussion:
- Patrick Kan @ AcKredited Group, is an accounting firm, joined the talk.
- Open audience ask the question
- Mentoring isn't easy to find when you get the fund
- Investor cares what is your strength compare to your competitor? if your business model works?

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.