Demo China 2018 - Autumn Summit Finals Day 2

I went to the blockchain session, there are 5 startups compete in the final. The blockchain is too popular recently, every company is trying to connect their business with blockchain, even there is no actual need to use blockchain, they could operate perfectly fine with the current solution, it was easy to find out they just want to do ICO. Although Cyzone told us not to put any token and ICO information in our pitchbook, surprisingly, I saw many presentations here was showing such information. There was a jury ask an aggressive question, he asked: I don’t see any need that your company needs to use blockchain, and it was really unrelated business, may I know how you are going to use blockchain in your product? That was really embarrassing, the speaker was not able to give a good answer.

In Demo China, I found out there are many Chinese investors, even they are famous in China, but they don’t speak English, sometimes the language barrier leads them to have another technical team from the USA to help them check the technical part of the project if workable, then the investor will continue the talk.

We did have a chance to have a private talk with an investor in a quiet room, he was very friendly to understand what we are doing, but I still found out some barrier, here is what I learn if you are an English speaking team, other than English document, you shall well-prepared:
- Chinese whitepaper
- Chinese teaser within 20 pages
- educate and rehearsal answer to the question with your Chinese partner

The final had all the audience watch with virtual investment, that was entertaining and felt like reality.

There is some impressive technology advance I would like to share with you, where I haven't seen anywhere else.

(1) WeChat Group:
I know this is nothing special in the Chinese community, but this time is a little different. On the first date, there is some staff showing QR code for everyone to scan, once you scan it, you will add DianBangZhu in WeChat, later you will be invited to Demo China's WeChat group, in this group chat, you will be updated with all updates of Demo China, see all discussion from the people how they feel about the presentation (although it was too many messages I will never digest), and they will help you to manage scam and trash message within WeChat group, if you will introduce yourself in the group, they will manage to a business card page for people networking themselves.

(2) Live Photo
Other than a photo shot professionally by photographers, it was updated timely by vPhoto, that was an amazing technology, you got all the professional photo from the different session, even you didn't have a chance to attend, but you could see the photo.

(3) Live Video and Radio
It was live broadcasting by SinaiQiYiDouYuYouKuQingTing FM

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.