Demo China 2018 - About the Cyzone

Cyzone is a respectful company which start from publishing the startup industry magazine since 2007, they are famous for their research on the startup industry, they have 30 under 30, 40 under 40 ranking, which Cyzone employees proudly tell me they don’t take any money from anyone to change the ranking, I believe it is quite difficult for the media nowadays say no to the money.

Cyzone build their reputation by organizing Demo China for 10 years, they started to include the International session since 2016. This big roadshow event in China happened every 6 months, they are a good chance for startup company wants to get noticeable, there are 5 sessions:

- International: startup incorporate out of China and speaking English
- Blockchain and token economy
- healthcare: Health management, medical medicine, rehabilitation intelligence, old-age health
- consumer upgrade: clothing, food, housing, transportation, health, entertainment, fine living, education
- frontier tech: cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT, robot, big data risk control, big data credit, corporate and personal credit, smart investment, financial Saas, blockchain finance (payment, real estate finance, corporate finance, insurance, asset management, bill finance).

The winner of each session will have a chance to do the final pitch by the end of the conference, in front of all the investor and 2000+ audience in the scene. They will be honored to be reported by CCTV in the news, that is a good PR for every startup.
What is even more amazing, Cyzone doesn’t charge any cent from the startup company, because they generate revenue from exhibitors and investors speaking on the stage.

Compare to other similar startup roadshows, which they are making money from the startup by arranging the roadshow meeting, sometimes it is not affordable for startup, because normally they have no such money.

Cyzone offers the winner of each session:
- sell 1% of the company share to one of the 6 top investors (4,000,000 CNY was the highest)
- possibility to get 1,000,000 CNY from Cyzone angel investment fund
- Cyzone exclusive interview and media report

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.