Wolves v.s. Sheep Founder

That was my first time meeting Taiwan VC visiting Singapore. They arrange a trip with other Taiwanese companies to Malaysia and Singapore, they visited different incubator and accelerators.

It was an interesting experience to talk to them, there were different Taiwanese companies coming from different industry. They shared with me their experiences when they visited some startup companies in China. He described to me

The startup in China like wolves, the startup in Taiwan like sheep.
Once he introduced himself as VC, the founders' eyes from China were shinning, and they won't give up a chance to introduce them self as much as possible, they are perseverance, they are not afraid to be rejected, even they will be rejected, they will still keep bothering VC until they get the investment they want, they are dare. 

He remembered he was leaving for another city, the China founder said, let me go with you even I'm not part of the plan. This VC is so surprised how relentless the China founder showed how determined he was, in the end, the China founder accompany him to the end. Even this China founder got the fund and fail, so what? He will get another fund again and try again, they are not giving up even they have failed. They don't care if they lose their face.

If this happened in Taiwan, normally a founder fails one time, basically, they already feel ashamed and hide in the home, they will never want to get out and try again. Because Taiwanese were taught to act as Confucianism, we shall be educated and polite, we shall understand the distance between people once is too much and bothering. Taiwanese were too comfortable to try harder, the Chinese were too eager to be successful. Although, in some way, showing too much eager is not good sometimes, as it was too much desperate. 

For VC, they like to invest in people in the early stage. He asked me: 

If you have a choice, who you will invest? Wolves or Sheep?
There is no wrong or right, it just matters if you could afford the failure.

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