Switch Singapore 2018

It is my first time to attend the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology, there are so many exhibitions happening in Singapore, the good thing about being in Singapore is you don't need to fly to other countries to meet lots of people, people from other countries will fly to Singapore and attend the exhibition, every day you just hang around Marina Bay Convention Center or Expo, always there is a company that is looking for the new opportunity.

The Switch separate to the different stage, each stage is happening different topic, therefore if you need to choose exactly what you want to listen, you won't be able to grab everything if you are very greedy.

In the middle is the exhibition, on the side, there is a place you can have 1 on 1 meeting if you utilize the networking website that SWITCH gave you, the UI wasn't very friendly, there are so many times I thought I get meeting confirmation, the counter-party didn't arrive because they didn't confirm the meeting slot.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.