Blockchain Roadshow in Beijing

In Daydayup's Beijing Sanlitun co-working space, there is an inspiring wall telling the startup how these founders started and now, bringing the courage to move on. This location is excellent, close to the airport and Soho office area is new, felt like Shanghai in the night when the light is shining like the firework. The best part of Daydayup is we could connect Facebook or Google without VPN, amazing.

The preparation time is 2 weeks, it's quite rush actually. We wanted to do a blockchain roadshow, we are not allowed to say anything related to ICO or token because of China government. We share the event cost with another ICO project, I need to provide below:

- speaker photo, position, a brief introduction
- news release, whitepaper in Chinese: whitepaper translation from English to Chinese is the most time-consuming, although this ICO project already has Chinese whitepaper, the translation was weird.
- China visa: for the ICO project's speaker, I spent more effort than I expected, because of time pressure.

Before arriving in China, please don't forget to download any VPN software you can find, without VPN, you bearly can connect to the real world. WeChat is the only communication. When arriving in China, please don't forget to buy a sim card immediately at the airport. After arriving China, if you had a long flight, please must sleep well in the hotel, otherwise, you may treat people disrespectful easily, that is what I learned from my ICO project team member.

One day before the presentation, we went to Daydayup for the preparation, we Skype with HQ for final adjustment, because there will be a live stream video show to the audience, the technical issue needs to solve as well.

On the day of the roadshow, the ICO project team still update the presentation to the last minutes and they change the idea so many times as they hope they could express nicely to the investors. We went to the venue only 2 hours before the event. The simultaneous translator was in the traffic jam, however, we started the rehearsal immediately and more than 3 times when she arrives, we were afraid she can't catch the idea, as it is even difficult for people to understand for the first time if they are not blockchain educated.

Before the real presentation, the speaker is so nervous. But it went well when he speaks, luckily live stream went smoothly, there were some questions asked, the translator is needed as not every Chinese speak English. When the presentation finished, we were so relaxed, suddenly we brought to a lounge to continue the talk.

It was an interesting experience, but considering the ROI of this roadshow, if I could choose, I won't do it. It is better to meet investor one by one and building relationship.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment, or discuss with me.