Unique Fashion Week 2015

I got a chance to cooperate with a Slovakia fashion designer to explore the market to Asia. We invited all the potential client to our fashion week. Everyone dress so elegant, even some man looks like the designer from Italy. This is also my first time to see model preparing in the backstage.

The event was held in a 5-star hotel in front of the Prague train station. Everyone talking photo with fashion background once entering, there were many presses coming. After having light dessert and champagne, we finally get in the catwalk. Only the VIP guest can sit in the first row, the guests are overcrowded, some can only stand. The music, the speed of model walking made guest excited, this is fashion, and this is a show, the designer walks the last, everyone applauds.

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Unique Fashion Week 22. 9. 2015 JITKA KLETT from Unique Fashion Week on Vimeo.