Huawei Photovoltaic System Design Seminar 2014

Because we need PV model to support our project in Europe, Huawei is one of our suppliers, they invited us to visit their Shenzhen HQ.

We had a chance to attend the workshop in the hotel, I helped our CFO translated his English to Chinese in front of 40+ audience introducing our project in Europe, and listening to many technical presentations, they tried to explain why in 2 types of the electricity system, the one that Huawei is choosing is better than the other one. The solar plant is very strong in China, basically, they don't need to sell outside of China, they already can sell to the domestic market a lot more amount than overseas.

We have a Huawei staff dedicated to standby and answer our question all the time. We had a chance to visit their factory internally by wearing dust-free clothes, I'm always amazed by a large number of employees working together. There is another office area for the research and development team, this is a very complicated and systematic park design.

On the rooftop of the factory is where the model demo, they explain to us how they store the electricity in an efficient way. 

The most interesting part is the demo house, they show all line of Huawei newest product, ex. mobile, tablet, conference system, all very interesting, they really try their best to be the best technology company in China.

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